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Thursday, December 30, 2010

When To Regrip Your Ball Retriever

Next to How To Line Up Your Fourth Putt, Bobby Rusher's latest book, When To Regrip Your Ball Retriever, may be the saddest golf book I've ever read.

Like the original, it's also side-splitting funny, especially when Rusher tells you things like "How To Handle Your Caddie's Hysterial Laughter" and "What To Do If You Find More Balls Than You Lost." He's got plenty of sage advice about scoring, too, such as "How To Hit The Ball On The Roll Without Losing A Stroke." I'm sure you get the drift.

Both tomes are full of pithy golf aphorisms turned inside out and upside down to great humorous effect. A few are also chewed up and spit out, not to mention expelled from other bodily orifices often cited by golfers at various times during their round. One of my favorites is "Why You Should Instruct Your Caddie To Listen For The Ball Off The Tee Rather Than The Traditional 'Watch The Ball.'"

The sad thing about these books is how many of Rusher's characters I recognize from my 45-plus years playing this stupid game. I've even glimpsed one or two of them in the locker room mirror after a round. If I weren't laughing so hard, I'd probably be crying.

To get your copies, as well as the accompanying CD "Music To Shank By," visit www.4putt.com. By the way, don't be confused by the author's name, which may actually be Bobby Runk.

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