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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Guard Your Back to Protect Your Swing

I learned this stretch (and still use it) after my lower back surgery some years ago.  I was doing the right thing, according to Dr. Jenni Martin, MS DC and LPGA Class A professional.

"Lower back pain is frequently noted as a road block for furthering a golfer's skill and progress in golf.  Often, simple stretches and an understanding of the mechanics and origin of the pain can eliminate this issue," says Martin

Here's how to perform the stretch: Lie on your back. Begin by pulling your knees to your chest and rock slowly back and forth. Now drop your feet to the floor and arms outreached. Slowly drop your knees to the right and then the left. Feel the stretch throughout your lower back while trying to keep your shoulders on the floor.


Using her LPGA teaching background, TPI, orthopedic knowledge, Dr. Martin has created a simple, doable plan that works.  For more information, visit www.thegolfgapper.com.

Among many other books, Dave Donelson is the author of Weird Golf: 18 tales of fantastic, horrific, scientifically impossible, and morally reprehensible golf

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