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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yet Another Demagog Takes A Shot At Golf

Apparently, Venezuela's Caesar Chavez is running out of scapegoats. How else could you explain his recent tirade against golf and moves by his supporters to shut down two more of the country's golf courses? You'd think nationalizing the oil industry and seizing the assets of coffee growers, cattle ranchers, and tomato farmers would be enough to keep the demagogy engine chugging along, but I guess those elitist golfers proved just too easy a target to pass up.

Julio L. Torres, director of the Venezuelan Golf Federation, says the number of courses in the country has fallen from 28 to 18. Chavez and his supporters vaguely promise to turn the fairways and greens on the closed courses into housing for the poor...or at least to keep the bourgeois capitalist pigs from enjoying themselves by indulging in the decadent sport.

Somehow, I suspect the poor people of Venezuela won't get much out of the crusade. I know they certainly won't see any of my tourist dollars any time soon.

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